The Lion Guard Season 2 episodes 6

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Video A&E TV The Lion Guard S2E6 Watch Online

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The Lion Guard Season 2 episodes 6
Air date:
11 August 2017
Howy Parkins
You are watching Video of A&E TV Series The Lion Guard S2E6 11th August 2017 Episode. Video A&E TV The Lion Guard S2E6 Watch Online. You can also watch all episodes of The Lion Guard Season 2 along with today episode without commercial breaks in HD quality. The Lion Guard Season 2 11th August 2017 Dailymotion, YouTube. Online Video Streaming of all Series of A&E TV is also avilable here on After the Lion Guard accidentally awakens Makuu and his float from their sleep during the dry season upon unknowingly sending a stampede near their sleeping cave, the Lion Guard and Simba work to find a new place for Makuu's float to endure the dry season. During this time, a crocodilenamed Kiburi conspires against Makuu which leads to them getting into a Mashidano as Ushari, under Scar's orders, persuades Kiburi to have his followers attack Simba. After he and his followers are kicked out of Makuu's float upon Kiburi losing the Mashidano, and banished from the Pride Lands upon the attack on Simba being thwarted by the Lion Guard, Kiburi joins Janja's clan and Ushari in working for Scar, who plans to unite all the animals of the Outlands and get them under his leadership as part of his plot to attack the Pride Lands.

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