Skylanders Academy Season 2 episode 13 Full Episode

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Video Netflix TV Skylanders Academy S2E13 Watch Online

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Skylanders Academy Season 2 episode 13 Full Episode
Air date:
06 October 2017
Arthur Qwak
You are watching Video of Netflix TV Series Skylanders Academy S2E13 6th October 2017 Episode. Video Netflix TV Skylanders Academy S2E13 Watch Online. You can also watch all episodes of Skylanders Academy Season 2 along with today episode without commercial breaks in HD quality. Skylanders Academy Season 2 6th October 2017 Dailymotion, YouTube. Online Video Streaming of all Series of Netflix TV is also avilable here on As he tries to learn more about his ancestors, Spyro searches for a dragon king, Malefor, but Malefor isn't one to talk and beats the dragon to a pulp and uses him as a bargaining chip to get his daughter Cynder back. Kaos attempts to free an evil being named Strykore, whom claims to be the father of Kaos and is seeking to conquer Skylands. Kaos obtains power from Strykcore and uses it to get his power back from his mother and take hers as well, forcing her to runaway on a Hydra. However, the portal will only open when he absorbs the light of a powerful Skylander, with Kaos 'volunteering' Spyro. He strikes a deal with Malefor, who knows who Strykcore is, and gives Spyro over in exchange for being on Strykecores good side and probable power gain. Cynder and Spyro's team arrive to demand Spyro back from Malefor, defeating him easily, but when Malefor plays coy, apologizing to his daughter for all his wrongdoings, he takes her and leaves.

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