Shimmer & Shine Season 3 episode 14 Full Episode

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Video Nickelodeon TV Shimmer & Shine S3E14 Watch Online

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Shimmer & Shine Season 3 episode 14 Full Episode
Air date:
01 February 2017
Fred Osmond
You are watching Video of Nickelodeon TV Series Shimmer & Shine S3E14 1st February 2017 Episode. Video Nickelodeon TV Shimmer & Shine S3E14 Watch Online. You can also watch all episodes of Shimmer & Shine Season 3 along with today episode without commercial breaks in HD quality. Shimmer & Shine Season 3 1st February 2017 Dailymotion, YouTube. Online Video Streaming of all Series of Nickelodeon TV is also avilable here on While sleeping over at Shimmer and Shine's palace, Leah dreams of them riding on shooting stars. After waking up she tells her genies about her dream and she hears about their dreams. However when Leah tries to wish for her dream to come true, it doesn't work and her genies explain that only the dream genie Nadia can grant such a wish and that she lives in a palace somewhere, so Leah wishes to travel there which summons a cloud that can take them there. Meanwhile Zeta is flying Nazboo around on her scooter to help him fall asleep though the girls fly by and wake him up to Zeta's frustration. However Zeta notices that they must going somewhere important to be out so late at night and decides to follow them. At Nadia's palace they meet Ezri, Nadia's assistant who immediately recognizes the girls and explains that he and Nadia know about everyone in Zahramay Falls before introducing them to Nadia.

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