Pokemon Season 21 episode 6 Full Episode

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Video TV Tokyo Pokemon S21E6 Watch Online

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Pokemon Season 21 episode 6 Full Episode
Air date:
09 November 2017
Kunihiko Yuyama
You are watching Video of TV Tokyo Series Pokemon S21E6 9th November 2017 Episode. Video TV Tokyo Pokemon S21E6 Watch Online. You can also watch all episodes of Pokemon Season 21 along with today episode without commercial breaks in HD quality. Pokemon Season 21 9th November 2017 Dailymotion, YouTube. Online Video Streaming of all Series of TV Tokyo is also avilable here on zilli.tv. Glazio is furious about what has happened to Lilie and blames Satoshi. Later that same night, he confronts Sauboh, but Sauboh unleashes a Sleeper and a Foodin, both of whom easily defeat Glazio's Lugarugan and Blacky. Before Glazio can unleash Silvady, Sleeper hypnotizes Glazio and Sauboh takes Silvady's Pokéball. The next day, with the help of Satoshi, the gang and Professors Kukui and Burnet, Lilie tries to overcome her regression but fails. After school, Lilie tells Satoshi about her experience at Glazio's cave. In response to Lilie's feelings, Hoshigumo teleports her, Satoshi, Pikachu, Shiron and Rotom to places where Lilie has happy memories of when she and Glazio were children..

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